Are you into sixty nining?


Yeah, i mean 69 were a great time. the beatles, rolling stone, led zeppelin. great year for rock n roll.

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favorite arcitc monkeys live performances mardy bum at glastonbury 2013 (x)

Sucking the marrow out of life doesn’t mean choking on the bone.


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AM | Bonnaroo 2014 [x]

this is me n barbara 

 *patiently waits for barbara to arrive in the mail*

you better be up for this because the day i come out of your inbox i don’t want any “wow what a weird girl she actually did this”

Happy birthday Sydney, I’m so late but I hope you enjoyed your day and that you had the best time. STAY RAD

(i’m the best gift ever so i’ll send myself wrapped in a red bow okay wait for me)